FURY Pro-2

"Fury will reign down on those who ignore its arrival..."

FURY are very much keeping their new car a secret.

They do say that they are very sure that they have the 'Best Engineered' trophy in the bag next year which will no doubt rock the F1 in Schools boat here in Wetherby High School and are claiming that they will be using a 'new' material on the car not used before by other teams - which will give them a head start to receiving the Fastest Car award for two years in a row. FURY are very confident that they have arrived on a Mark II concept that will turn the F1 Schools followers heads, and will change the way others will begin designing and making the new breed of cars - initial wind tunnel tests have returned a Drag Coefficient result of a mere 0.15 - that's less than the drag coefficient of the Mercedes IAA (below), when in Aerodynamic Mode, is 0.19.

To put this into perspective, a Mercedes-Benz SL-Class has a drag coefficient of about 0.34 and a G-Class has a measurement of 0.54...

If you want to see your companies name embellished on the new FURY or want to help out the team please get in touch at the email address below: