Team Fury:






FURY in their first attempt at the F1 in Schools World Finals have had to exit short of their goal...but have never-the-less picked up a piece of glassware that was their penultimate focus - FASTEST CAR in the region. Whilst they are disappointed to not continue further into the challenge, they are very aware that this is a huge step forward and will make great strides to rework their already impressive portfolios to greater heights next year - anywhere else, Fastest Car would get you to number 1 spot!

Team Fury work like their name suggests... Their car is based around cutting through the air initially with a sharp nose cone, then organically passing it around the cars main body before breaking it up afterwards through the use of fins on the back aerofoil. Any turbulence in the aerodynamics will cause slight drag - something Fury really aim to have none of! (See their design below)

Their pit lane reflects their fresh and sharp profile, whilst having technology subtly placed in and around, enhancing their branding and sponsors to show their appreciation for their supporters. A lot of their success is owed to their support from the local community... we thank you very much!

FURY will be back next year to challenge and secure their prize, and will be looking soon for sponsorship and support with their journey to the World Finals in 2019....

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