Team Godspeed:

Ellie McClarin
Seetal Dahele
Henry Sykes
Dylan Stephenson
Sam Williamson

This is Godspeeds' first entry into the F1 in Schools scheme, but rest assured they are by no means an easy pushover; they are a dedicated team who expect to take this as far as possible. Generous amounts of sponsorships have been received, and the team are working together to create the perfect package to show their appreciation of the support they have gained!

Godspeed have worked very hard over the last few weeks and have created their logo and branding for their team - lets face it, with a name like that, they have to be good!

Currently Godspeed are working on their pit lane displays and clothing...ready for the big day in February!

Their car is now designed and built (see digital designs below), and is in testing currently - but signs are showing that this is a very fast car, with unofficial times of 1.035 seconds over the 20 meter track. Put this time against the world record of 0.916 and the team are doing well, but are looking at ways to shave a little off!

Call back for regular updates and previews as they make it their mission to raise the winning cup!