Progress Reports

Teaching staff undertake continual assessment of students’ progress in lessons to ensure the learning is pitched to present consistently high challenge. This continual assessment of progress is then captured through Progress Reports each half term. As part of our commitment to being partners in learning, this report is discussed by each child and their coach to set targets together for the following half term. The content of the report also forms the basis for conversations between the coach and parents/carers. Progress is also rewarded at the end of each term, with assemblies celebrating success. Certificates are presented to students demonstrating outstanding Character for Achievement attributes such resilience, independence, motivation and empathy.

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Twice each year, students in years 7, 8 and 9 will receive an assessment report, following midterm and final examinations. These detailed reports highlight strengths and areas for improvement in each subject.

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Throughout years 10 and 11, students will sit a series of mock examinations. These allow teaching staff to adapt their teaching to intervene where needed.