Attendance and Punctuality

Wetherby High School Sixth Form expects high standards from students. It is right that Sixth Form students have more independence as this is a time when students are learning skills that will help them make an effective transition from school to higher education of employment.

All Sixth Form students should aim for 100% attendance in accordance with Year 7 - Year 11. Attendance lower than 96% is a concern. Punctuality is expected both at the start of the day and to lessons.

Academic Expectations

Developing students’ sense of responsibility for their own learning and progression onto future pathways is an integral part of Post 16 education. One aspect of this involves developing the student’s independent learning skills. Sixth Form students will receive extra freedom to organise their study time. They are expected to use private study times effectively. Where students struggle to use their time effectively supervised study will be arranged. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 5 hours independent study per week per subject.  It is essential that students learn how to meet deadlines while completing work to the best of their abilities.

Students will also be expected to undertake STAR learning, which stands for Study Tasks around Reading. This is to be completed in private study sessSTARions and at home. STAR learning will have 3 main foci:

  • Reading to enhance foundational knowledge
  • Reading to understand application
  • Identifying and evaluating information sources

Students will receive a reading list for each subject and will be supported to develop their skills critical reading, note taking and summarising of a range of texts.

Sixth Form students have exclusive access to a dedicated study suite that is separate from the main Sixth Form building. In here they can choose to work in either the individual or group study zone. This is also where Supervised Study takes place. Students are timetabled onto Supervised Study for a set number of hours a week. This is to support students to use their non-lesson time productively.

All students will attend weekly academic mentoring sessions that will look closely at academic skills, revision, exam technique and the progress of individual students.

Sixth Form Dress Code

The dress code in the 6th form is Business wear. Sixth formers at Wetherby High are seen as ambassadors, assistant coaches and positive role models to the rest of the school. We expect all students to be smart and well presented on all occasions.

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