House System

The House System at Wetherby High School is one of many aspects of what we offer that makes us different.

Named after local sporting heroes, (Jane) Tomlinson, (Jason) Robinson, (Billy) Bremner and (Fred) Trueman, all students are members of a House and each House has a specific colour that students wear as part of their uniform.

From Year 7 to Year 11, students have coloured ties (Green for Tomlinson, Purple for Robinson, Blue for Bremner and Yellow for Trueman), so wherever they are in school, at whatever age, students know and recognise that they are part of a team.

E-Praise points are given as rewards, for representing the school and attending revision classes (referred to as intervention sessions) or taking part in extra-curricular activities in afterschool clubs; in coaching sessions and during lessons. These points are collected and listed in the Coaching Chronicle which is issued every fortnight. Each week, individual student points are collated and added to the overall House point system.

All Houses choose a charity every year and points are allocated for fundraising activities that will benefit the important work they do. There are also competitions between Houses, ranging across sporting events, cooking, talent shows and individual subject contests spanning all years.

At the end of the year the Annual House Trophy is presented to the House with the most points, as an added incentive for good behaviour and any efforts to develop character for achievement in school.


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