Kadeena Cox visits Wetherby High School

We were welcomed back to school after half term with a visit from ex-pupil and world class athlete Kadeena Cox. Dual discipline World and Paralympic Champion Kadeena came into school as an ambassador for #OneStepGreener.

Kadeena was promoting the campaign which encourages people to take actions that have a positive impact on our environment. Kadeena met with the schools Eco Committee to discuss the changes they are proposing in school and how simple steps can make life more sustainable. Using a re-usable water bottle is one simple and effective step Kadeena and the eco committee promotes.

Kadeena also met with some of our house captains for a question-and-answer session, discussing the environment, Kadeena’s time spent at Wetherby High School and some of her astonishing achievements. She was keen to find out the ideas of our pupils and encouraged them to be the best versions of themselves in whatever they do. Before leaving, Kadeena went for a short bike ride with some pupils, further promoting the #OneStepGreener campaign with another way of taking a small step to helping the environment, cycling as a commute. Pupils and staff were excited and grateful to see her.

For further information about #OneStepGreener and the work Kadeena is doing visit

ONE STEP GREENER – Together For Our Planet (ukcop26.org)