On June 29th we welcomed our Year 11 students back into the building for one final time before the summer for the 2023 Prom. Themed as ‘A Night at the Movies’ students arrived not only looking like movie stars but being dropped off in some fantastic cars. We had a Lamborghini, a Mustang, a Rolls Royce, a Porsche and two HUGE tractors.

Students were given the red-carpet experience on the way into the building, entering the main hall underneath their very own movie theatre sign. The popcorn and pick n mix was devoured in its masses.

Students were given a show to remember by the WHS Staff Band, handed out awards to staff and received their own special from Mr Goodswen. Following this, ties were loosened, heels were removed and the most epic two hours of dancing and singing followed.

It was a truly magical evening and hopefully one that the Year 11’s will remember for the rest of their lives.