Wetherby High School Sixth Form expects high standards from students. It is right that Sixth Form students have more independence as this is a time when they are learning skills that will help them make an effective transition from school to higher education or employment.


Dress Code

The dress code in the 6th form is Business wear. Sixth formers at Wetherby High are ambassadors, assistant coaches and positive role models to the rest of the school. We expect all students to be smart and well presented on all occasions.

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In the Sixth Form at Wetherby High School we encourage a holistic approach to the development of our students, developing ‘Character for Achievement’.



We have a small and friendly Sixth Form where students are highly challenged and highly supported. We know our students well and care is taken to ensure they are on the correct individual pathway. Everyone is carefully monitored and tracked and extra support is given where necessary.

All students are assigned a member of staff who acts as their Academic Mentor. They meet once a week in a timetabled hour to develop organisational and independent study skills, review progress and receive support with Post 18 applications.