Wetherby High School’s Transition

Transistion PhotographWe believe that transition to High School should be an exciting time for children.

At Wetherby High School we work really hard to make the transition process smooth and enjoyable.

The transition process at Wetherby High School starts months before students join us in September. Our transition team visit schools to meet with students and discuss with their primary teachers the areas of strengths and areas of development for each individual child.

We invite students and parents to various events prior to them joining our school to answer any questions, address any concerns and allow students to make new friends.

Our ‘Day in the Life of a High School Student’ events have proven to be very popular with both students and parents as it gives children a chance to meet new friends, know their way around the school building, get involved in lessons and meet their new coaching groups.

If you have missed our open evening and would like more information or to visit the school please contact Miss Samantha Jefferson – Assistant Headteacher on sjefferson@wetherbyhigh.co.uk or call 01937 522500.

You can also visit our Parental Questions page for more information.