As a Year 11 student at Wetherby High School Horia plays a leading role in the school community. In recent years, Horia has been a part of two youth organisations, the Infinity Centre and Shantona, which are both placed at the heart of her local community in Harehills. Playing an active role in supporting both of these organisations in the work that they are doing to prevent violence and anti-social behaviour.

Horia has set up and helped run numerous initiatives and clubs that create a safe environment for children who may otherwise become vulnerable to anti-social behaviour. On Bonfire Night Horia ran a hot chocolate and activity night so children had somewhere safe to go so they were not out on the streets where they may have been vulnerable to anti-social behaviour.

Being particularly active on the issues of “Knife Crime” and “Domestic Violence” in Leeds and West Yorkshire, her activism has been so successful that she was invited to deliver an address to the Lord Mayor of Leeds on the topic of Knife Crime in Leeds on behalf of the Infinity Centre.

Horia also volunteers with a youth group that provides a safe space for children who are victims of domestic violence, working to ensure their future safety.

This selfless work for the vulnerable in her local community has seen Horia become a real advocate for social justice in our society.

We are extremely proud that Horia has been recognised with such a prestigious award for her achievements within her local community.