Last week we took Year 7 and 8 students away for a great few days of Residential at Kingswood.

After a morning of fun activities, we set off for what some thought would be hours in a coach but it was actually only 45 minutes away. Upon arrival we met the residential team and then students quickly found their rooms in one of the three blocks that we had. After that it was straight out for activities.

Students either; problem solved, abseiled, climbed, did the nightline, archery, built cars

from scraps of materials and raced them or stacked crates to see how high they could get.

Evening activities were either a disco or the ‘scrap heap’ challenge where students had to dress their group leaders up as a sports star using newspaper, cardboard and tape.

There were some very impressive costumes.

Bedtime is always an exciting part of being away with your friends for the first time, and at Kingswood this was no different. Lots of midnight feasts were had and one dorm even brought star lights that shone on the ceiling. Eventually, all went to sleep and Kingswood was quiet.

Mr Kelly rose bright and early with some of the students to do an impressive 5k before breakfast and before the start of a day full of activities.

It was lovely to see Year 7 and 8 students working together to build, encourage, develop and solve problems and there were no phones to be seen anywhere.

Thank you, Year 7 and 8 for making this trip so enjoyable and memorable in so many different ways.

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