Year 9 Enterprise Day

Tuesday 23rd February 2016 was Year 9’s Enterprise Day. We had 10 leading members of the Lloyds Banking Group visit and teach Year 9 all about business and enterprise. Groups of Year 9 students had to design and create a business plan for a game, or ‘app’ in a competition. The day was run by Phil Cockerham, who is Head of Planning at the Lloyds Banking Group and Elliot Plowman, in charge of Customer and Colleague planning. We would like to thank them for all their work and expertise.

The Lloyds team challenged Year 9 to work in small teams of 5 and design and market a mobile phone, or tablet ‘app.’ Students had to think of an idea, work out what it would cost to market and then present what they had achieved in a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style presentation.

Their ideas were amazing: ‘3D Dinners’, an app that matched the clothes that you have recently bought with new lines. Students even designed an ‘app’ showing how to lose weight and trim your pet at the same time!

But the winning ‘app’ of the day was a game called ‘Whack a Cell.’ This was a game designed so you could delete cancer cells and the profits all went to Cancer Research. The ‘Whack a Cell’ team had organised themselves into roles very effectively, everyone ‘did their bit.’ They really impressed the judges with what they achieved. Well done to “Whack a Cell.” The winning team received a trophy and also some vouchers.

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