1st February 2018


Dear families,

Following some correspondence from the Head Teacher at Boston Spa School yesterday, I am writing to you to provide you with some updated information, facts and clarity.

Having met recently with local council representatives and local elected members, I am delighted to inform you of plans currently being proposed by LCC to build a new school in Wetherby town. The build of a new high school for Wetherby on the same site would ensure that current and future children and families have access to the state of the art facilities that the town deserves and we are pleased that the developing need within the town for secondary education is being supported in this way.

It is also opportune for me to clarify that there are no plans for Wetherby High School to merge with any other school in Leeds or the locality. It would also seem pertinent for me to highlight and correct some information being circulated about the performance of our school.

Wetherby High School began work in partnership with Carr Manor Community School in September 2014, three and half years ago. 6 weeks later in the autumn term, the school was inspected and the grading for Leadership and Management as well as Behaviour and Safety of pupils was increased to Good – recognising the rapid impact despite the very short tenure of new leadership.

In 2016, the school was inspected again, and despite the time frame only allowing one set of validated school results to be reviewed, the strong upward trajectory of the school was recognised including the strength of leadership and governance, and the high quality of personal development, behaviour and welfare. The Ofsted team was positive about the school’s improvements but felt that an additional set of results to demonstrate continued improvement was necessary. In August 2017, the school gained its third successive year of improved results and now ranks as the highest performing secondary school in the area with one of the most improved progress scores in the city.

An Ofsted report is one piece of information about school performance that parents and families rightly should consider. Some multi academy trusts have successfully secured Outstanding grades as long as five years ago after a rapid rise in results, only to see results fall sharply in subsequent years and they would struggle to maintain outstanding status were they inspected now, on present performance. Other academies across the city have struggled to continue to increase performance year on year and after a small increase in results, outcomes for children then plateau and regress.

At Wetherby High School our progress is sustained, genuine and consistent. The proposals for a rebuild and development of our school and the town’s facilities focuses not on specific personnel or current grading of schools in the area, but on providing superb facilities and learning opportunities for our children now and in future years.

We appreciate the many messages of support and backing for this new proposal and can assure you all that our inclusive ethos and values-led approach will remain at the heart of our work as we embark on this next exciting chapter for the school.


Many thanks for your continued support.



Cindy Bentley
Chair of Governors
Wetherby High School







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