Term Dates:

Term Dates 2018-19

Key Dates:

Please note that any additions or changes to key dates will be provided here. Please check regularly for the most up to date information.

Half Term 2 : 

Wednesday 7th November- Year 10 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening

Wednesday 21st November- Sixth Form Open Evening

Monday 3rd December- Training day

Wednesday 5th December- Year 12/13 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening

Half Term 1:

Wednesday 12th September- Sixth Form Information Evening

Wednesday 19th September- Year 11 Information Evening

Wednesday 26th September- Open Evening

Thursday 11th- Friday 12th October-  Training days

Wednesday 24th October- Meet Your Coach Day

Training Days

Please note the school will be closed to students on the following days due to training; September 2018 – July 2019. 

-11th – 12th October 2018

-3rd December 2018

-25th January 2019

-24th June 2019

The School Day

The normal school day starts at 8.40am (Tuesday-Friday) and 9.00am on a Monday. Please ensure your child is punctual. We do not allow students to leave the school site between 8.40am and 3.10pm (2:40pm on Friday), and staff ensure that student movement between lessons happens quickly and effectively. We therefore have very few occasions of absence from lessons once a student is on site.

Flexible Learning is available from 3.10pm (2:40pm on Friday) and a wide range of enrichment opportunities are available for all students.

Attendance and punctuality are monitored electronically. Absence from any sessions must be communicated to the school before 8.30am each day and a letter confirming the absence will be required.

Should attendance drop below 90% the school will refer the child and family to an Attendance Improvement Officer who may offer support in order to avoid court proceedings. If attendance does not improve, further action may be taken.

We are unable to authorise requests for holidays during term time unless under exceptional circumstances.

Students follow this timetable:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:40am Coaching 9:00-9:40 Period 1 Period 1 Period 1 Period 1
9:40am Period 2 Period 2 Period 2 Period 2 Period 2
10:40am Break
11:00am Period 3 Period 3 Period 3 Period 3 Period 3
12:00pm Period 4 Period 4 Period 4 Period 4 Period 4
12:50pm Lunchtime
1:30pm Period 5 Period 5 Period 5 Period 5 Period 5
2:20pm Period 6 Period 6 Coaching; Coaching +; Assemblies Period 6 Coaching 2:20pm-2:40pm
3:10pm - 4:15pm Flexible Learning (2:40pm- 3:45pm on Friday)