Our staff and students together are one team. We provide opportunities for students to move from being passengers in their school experience into being part of the crew. This provides leadership opportunities for the students but also enables us to drive school improvement at pace. The whole school community is facing the same way and working together.

Our ‘Passengers into Crew’ programme, includes a range of crew opportunities.  

  • House Captains and Vice Captains – Each House has representatives from each year in school that help to plan and deliver House competitions 

  • Assistant Coach – Each Coaching group has a student who can lead the circles discussions 

  • School Council Representative – Each Coaching group has a student that joins the school council to voice ideas for improving the school experience 

  • Sports Leaders  Leading sports activities for local primary school students 

  • Flexible Learning Leads – Leading flexible learning clubs for other students in schoolSee our Flexible Learning Programme here.  

  • Restorative Practice Representatives – Each class has a representative that is trained to offer peers support in self-regulation, building and repairing relationships and encouraging problem solving. 

  • Student Leadership Group – Each year group has a leadership group that can initiate year group activities. 

  • Lead Learners – Students that take on leadership roles in lessons.