As part of our Careers and Aspirations programme, Year 10 had a brilliant week on Work Experience recently. They organised their own placement, most choosing something that interested them, and became fully involved in that industry. It was an opportunity for them to develop some employability skills, whilst learning what the world of work is actually like. We had students helping out in schools, nurseries, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, golf clubs, hair salons, gyms, football clubs, and everyone came back having had an amazing time. Some students even managed to secure themselves jobs from it.

The employers gave feedback on how the students had done and the comments included ‘so mature and responsible, so polite, fantastic, hardworking, a pleasure to have them, really well motivated, used their initiative, when can they come to join us, there is a job for them here’.

Well done to our year 10 students for presenting themselves so well during their week of work.