Careers Advice and Guidance

At Wetherby high School we run a comprehensive Careers Advice and Guidance programme for students from Year 8 upwards, which ensures that our students develop the skills and knowledge needed to make independent educational and career choices.

This is delivered through PHCSE sessions and through specially structured events delivered by specialist independent careers advisors, local employers, Further and Higher Education providers.

Year 8 –The focus is on learning about the different job sectors and what qualities and qualifications are needed to make correct GCSE and other qualification choices.

Year 9 –The focus is on development of the key employability skills, alongside teamwork, creativity, resilience and self-reliance

Year 10 - The focus is on continued development of the employability skills needed for the competitive job market. All students in Year 10 undergo a 2 week work experience.

Year 11 – All students in this year have a careers interview with a local employer who offers advice and guidance through mock interviews.

Opt in interviews are available with an Independent Careers advisor offering impartial advice leading to individual action plans.

Students receive impartial advice on Post 16 pathways, options and academic and career choices. All students work with a team of experienced staff to ensure that correct Btec, and A level applications are made.