Progress Reports

IMG_9606At Wetherby High School we believe effective communication about progress is crucial to our team ethos, so at the end of each half term parents and carers will receive a paper copy of their child's progress report.

As students are assessed throughout the year, this report will set out the following information for each subject they study:

  • How much progress they have made
  • How resilient they are when facing challenges
  • The level of independence they show
  • How motivated they are
  • How empathic they are in coaching
  • The effort shown through home learning

As part of our commitment to being partners in learning, the Progress Report is discussed by each child and their coach and they set targets together for the following half term. The content of the report also forms the basis for conversations at Meet Your Coach Days.

Good progress is also rewarded at the end of each full term, with assemblies celebrating success. Certificates are presented to students demonstrating outstanding Character for Achievement attributes such as progress, resilience, independence, motivation, empathy and home learning. Recognition is also given for 100% attendance.

Assessment & Reporting

The video below explains assessment & reporting:

For more information, click here.

Examinations and Grading

The way examinations are sat and graded changed in 2017 with a new grading scale that uses the numbers 9-1 to identify levels of performance (with 9 being the top level).

The first assessment of the new two-year GCSE courses that started in September 2015 took place in June 2017.

These examinations are linear GCSEs, with assessment to be taken at the end of the course in June. There are re-sit opportunities in November for English Language and Mathematics only.

Students are assessed by external exam only, except where non-exam assessment is the only way to provide valid assessment of the skills required. English Literature, English Language, and Mathematics are externally assessed.

Examinations are split only into foundation and higher tiers in certain subjects.