The school operates three buses each day. The operator for this service is Connexions Buses. The buses might not show any Connexions logos but will display the WH21,WH25 & WH26 number at the front.

More information on the routes can be found on

WH21 Scholes Lane End – Wetherby High School

From Scholes Lane, Station Road, Main Street, Leeds Road, Barwick Road, Eastwood Lane, Swarcliffe Drive, Stanks Lane North, Swarcliffe Avenue, Stanks Drive, Sherburn Road, Sherburn Road North, Naburn Approach, Coal Road, Skeltons Lane, Thorner Lane, Lower Sandhills, Main Street, Church View, Church Hill, Bramham Road, Thorner Road, Tenter Hill, Bowcliffe Road, Front Street, Clifford Road, Bramham Road, Willow Lane, Bramham Road, Willow Lane, Clifford Moor Road, then non-stop to school.

From school non-stop then via Clifford Moor Road, Willow Lane, Bramham Road, Clifford Road, Front Street, Bowcliffe Road, Tenter Hill, Thorner Road, Bramham Road, Church Hill, Church View, Church Hill, Church View, Main Street, Lower Sandhills, Thorner Lane, Skeltons Lane, Coal Road, Naburn Approach, Sherburn Road North, Sherburn Road, Stanks Drive, Swarcliffe Avenue, Stanks Lane North, Swarcliffe Drive, Eastwood Lane, Barwick Road, Leeds Road, Main Street, Station Road, Scholes Lane.

WH21 Bus Route

WH25 York Road (Burmantofts Street) to Wetherby High School

From Burmantofts (York Road/Burmantofts Street) via York Road, Lupton Avenue, Harehills Lane, Foundry Approach, Oak Tree Drive, Amberton Road, Oakwood Lane, Wykebeck Valley Road, Foundry Lane, South Parkway Approach, South Parkway, Kentmere Avenue, North Parkway, York Road, Baildon Drive, Sherburn Road North, White Laithe Road, Coal Road, Red Hall Lane, A58, Wetherby Road, Keswick Lane, Main Street, Whitegate, Crabtree Lane, Harewood Road, Linton Road, Main Street to the Windwill Inn, then non-stop to school.

From school non-stop to the Windmill Inn Linton, then all stops via Main Street, Linton Road, Harewood Road, Crabtree Lane, Whitegate, Main Street, Wike Lane, Keswick Lane, Wetherby Road, A58, Red Hall Lane, Coal Road, White Laithe Road, Sherburn Road North, Stanks Drive, Stanks Lane North, York Road, North Parkway, Kentmere Avenue, South Parkway, South Parkway Approach, Foundry Lane, Wykebeck Valley Road, Oakwood Lane, Amberton Road, Oak Tree Drive, Foundry Approach, Harehills Lane, Lupton Avenue, Torre Road, York Road.

WH25 Bus Route

WH26 Street Lane/Roundhay Road (Harehills Shops)

Limited stop service between Collingham & School 

AM toward Wetherby High School;  From Harehills Shops all stops via Roundhay Road, Spencer Place, Cowper Street, Chapeltown Road, Harrogate Road, Street Lane, Princes Avenue, Roundhay Road, Easterly Road, Boggart Hill Drive, Kentmere Avenue, Monkswood Avenue, Monkswood Gate, Ring Road, Birchwood Hill, Shadwell Lane, Main Street, Carr Lane, Wetherby Road, Leeds Road, Main Street Collingham to last pick up at Smithy Court then non-stop to school.

PM from Wetherby High School
From school non-stop to first set-down at Collingham, Smithy Court then all stops via Main Street, Leeds Road, Wetherby Road, Carr lane, Main Street, Shadwell Lane, Birchwood Hill, Ring Road, Monkswood gate, Monkswood Avenue, Kentmere Avenue, Boggart Hill Drive, Easterly Road, Princess Avenue, Street Lane, Harrogate Road, Chapeltown Road, Cowper Street, Spencer Place, Roundhay Road, to Harehills Shops.

WH26 Bus Route


The fares charged for these bus services will be:
Single £1.25
Return £2.50
Weekly MetroCard £9.75


If you have any questions about the service or problems with your child’s use of the service then please contact us.
All application forms for boarding cards and half fare passes can be found here: