Our Values underpin all the work we do.

They are lived out day to day in our policies, practices and interactions.

We believe that strong relationships, between the staff and the students and between the students themselves, lead to great learning.

 These relationships create the distinctive, close-knit family feeling of our school community. Knowing students as individuals – both in terms of their learning and personal development – means we can better challenge and support them to reach their full potential.

Each child is unique and valued for what they contribute to our school Our Coaching programme is the starting point for this.

Our students know that as a school community, as a year group and as a class group, we are responsible for the progress and development of each other.

We should challenge and support each other to be the best version of ourselves. This partnership extends to home. We know students benefit when there is open and frequent communication between school and home; it is a key relationship.

We are also privileged and fortunate to be in the heart of the community we serve. In recent years we have successfully built a significant network of local businesses, partners and organisations who have generously and whole-heartedly supported the school and our students.

School should be a happy and enjoyable time for our students; a safe learning environment where all students can grow and develop.

We are committed to providing a wide-range of enrichment opportunities so all students can find their passion. Our Flexible Learning Programme, House activities, careers events and trips develop character, identity and a sense of achievement at such a crucial time in their lives.

Our focus is to enable each student to leave Wetherby High School with the desire, personal attributes and academic outcomes to pursue their own goals.

Whilst we are proud of the academic achievements we frequently hear about from our alumni, the feedback about them as articulate, happy, aspirational and thoughtful people is equally valued and cherished.

We know that to achieve well in the rigorous exams based education system, students need to be equipped with the independence, determination and resilience to overcome any challenges they may face.

When our students move on from Wetherby High School, we want them to leave not only with the best academic results, but also the character to be successful young adults in a modern world. Additionally, a sense civic responsibility, emotional intelligence, self-regulation and empathy are traits that we know will help students flourish as valued members of any community they are become part of.

We build character in students on a daily basis, providing them with a challenging and pacey classroom environment and curriculum content, as well as a wide range of enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom.