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Wetherby High School is a community, and that means our core values are about building and maintaining a community within the school.

We achieve that through several major initiatives. Our House System, for example, ensures that every student and staff member is part of a team, and our coaching programme gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other so anyone who comes to Wetherby High School is quickly part of our community.

As students progress through the year groups they benefit from continuity and personalised learning. This means that, whatever their age, the values of a community that is both diverse and harmonious are extended to all students throughout their learning.

At Wetherby High School we have four key values to ensure every child can reach the best possible outcomes:

Know our Children Well

Know our children well: Having conversations with our students throughout the week, in coaching sessions, during Flexible Learning, and in lessons, means we get to know them really well. They also know the staff and each other and build strong relationships that equip them with the life skills they need to reach their goals.

Partners in Learning

Partners in learning: At Wetherby High School we have a personal approach to learning and students respond well to the curriculum and achieve because they have played a key part in building and developing their learning. As partners in learning, staff and students, working with outside agencies like business' and other schools and colleges, work together closely to make the school experience positive and rewarding.

Enjoy and Achieve

Enjoy and aspire: As a result of this partnership in learning, students often exceed their aims in school, irrespective of their starting point. We are an inclusive school and our staff team is equipped to support and encourage progress whatever your child's level of need. Our commitment to the school's sense of community means that any issues are addressed quickly and this safe learning environment allows students to enjoy their time in school and achieve the outcomes they want for the future.

 Character for Learning

Character for achievement: Sometimes learning can be difficult and challenges will emerge for many children, but there is always support and guidance available. Our dedicated team of staff encourages, guides, and supports students to develop and demonstrate character for achievement skills and dispositions, such as teamwork and resilience.